Why buying a KOLB machine?

  1. Beside our standard portfolio, we also produce machines made to measure – according to your individual requests. Special machinery is as well included in our delivery range.
  2. We produce and manufacture exclusively at our factory in Germany – we do not sell imported machines from the Far East.
  3. SERVICE, SERVICE and once again SERVICE. Spare parts are being delivered overnight or – upon request – same-day by IC courier.
  4. Our CNC machines all possess an ethernet interface – that means installation, training and service is available at an online basis.
  5. We do not produce machinery off the shelf – KOLB machines are being planned carefully and are built by solid craftsmanship.
  6. We offer a complete all-in-one solution, which means we provide everything from small building site saws to CNC swivel head machines, from water treatment to lifting devices - all under one roof!
  7. The cooperation with Loeffler Engineering + Service GmbH and Burkhardt-Hensel Steinbearbeitungsmaschinen GmbH enables synergy effects and an additional value for our customer.
  8. KOLB machines offer a complete rust protection. Machine frames are hot galvanised; Main belt drives, support sheets and screws are made of stainless steel.
  9. KOLB produces machines upon practical experience deriving from our professional mechanical engineers, who communicate with customers and promptly implement their possible suggestions for improvement.
  10. Machines need service and maintenance. Within a maintenance contract you can easily transfer such work to us. We carry out inspection -, maintenance- and reparation work in specific intervals.